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Embracing Change

We can plan and plan for things and events in our lives. Yet, there are times when we are faced with unexpected changes. Having advisors who specialize in providing well thought out choices for various changes is the fundamental premise of why Cross Roads Investment Management was established.

Managing Risk

It can be a balancing act at times to look at pursuing a return you are happy with while still feeling comfortable with the risk you are taking. These cross-roads are sometimes based upon our emotions and logic. Having a team of professionals who evaluate and manage risk is not assured of success, but certainly can be a strong advantage in financial management.


It can be 5, 10, 15 years into the future or just next week. Retirement can become a great intersection where your working career has provided resources to engage in leisure, travel, and just enjoying having freedom over your day.

Divorce Issues

Some relationships, unfortunately, must come to an end. When a marriage enters into the stages of divorce proceedings, there are many issues that having a financial professional can address and help sort out. Cross Roads Investment Management advisors are not attorneys but are highly trained and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.

Managing Loss

The loss of a companion, a family member, a spouse, or even a good friend can have many emotions and stages of grief. Having to work with many financial matters during this period of time can become overwhelming. Cross Roads Investment Management Advisors have years of work in these sensitive matters and really can empathize with many situations.

Financial Decision

You hear of people winning the lottery and having a financial windfall. Later on we learn about how the responsibility for these big financial decisions was more than was expected. Not that everyone wins the lottery, however, there are many cases where settlements, estates, and life insurance proceeds can become large sums of funds that need proper guidance and support for making the appropriate decisions.

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